Fully Renovated home

Nothing more rewarding than seeing a project of this nature come together

AGA’s building experience is extensive, with a history of building new homes and commercial buildings. However, the vast majority of our work involves domestic extensions and renovations, and this particular project is very typical of the extensive building and home improvements projects we take on.

The project

This particular property was a very quaint cottage style building with typical low ceilings and door heights, and it hadn’t seen any real refurbishment work for a number of years. The client asked us to look at the full set of plans designed by a local Architect, and this included a large extension to the rear of the property to cater for a new Kitchen, dining and seating area. To accompany this, exterior doors and windows were to be replaced, and essentially stripping the whole house back to a shell in readiness for some major refurbishment works.

Following a detailed study of the plans, recommending specific finishes across all rooms, and liaising with the Architect to provide a quotation for the project, we were successful as the chosen building company to carry out all of the required works.

Our work

The owner and Architect had set very specific deadlines for the project, so key to meeting the deadline was making sure we had a fool proof project management schedule in place, and were able to continue working without any delays.

This proved to be the case, and we were actually able to deliver the final project before the deadline date, and due to our detailed schedule and due diligence processes, our team were able to fully refurbish this beautiful house without any added pressure to deliver, and to the client and incumbent Architect.

The quality of the finishes right across the house were excellent, and the choice of materials for walls, flooring and furniture were a very good choice indeed. The finish absolutely captured the personality of the property combining contemporary and classic finishes beautifully. Part of the plans were to increase those typical cottage door heights, with the outcome of turning a quaint cottage into a beautiful home with lots of character.


This kind of project is hugely rewarding for AGA and our team. Seeing something stripped bare, extended and then re fashioned into a beautiful home without losing the true character of a property is wonderful. This project will always be a welcome and memorable addition to our project portfolio, and the client and architect were ‘over the moon’ with the final result.


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